Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

The domain name has changed hands in a deal brokered by Andrew Miller. was acquired by a restaurant group called Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises, which has been using the acronym domain name for its corporate website. Andrew Rosener was the seller of
Andrew Rosener wouldn’t comment about the sale price of He connected me to Andrew Miller, who shared the following with me:
“I can confirm that I oversaw the acquisition of the name for my friends at Lettuce Entertain You. I am so excited that one of the premier restaurant operators in the US, with over 120 phenomenal food establishments under the Lettuce Entertain You brand, has its exact match domain asset. Lettuce’s restaurants and people are world class, and that is now matched by their exact match domain name” now forwards to the company’s website. I would imagine the restaurant group will choose to make its website at some point in the future, although the company could simply choose to use for marketing purposes. Owning the domain name gives them options.
Although the sale price was not shared, my guess is that was sold for a solid six figure price. Based on my own purchase inquiries and offers for food/plant/fruit/color one word .com domain names, the wholesale floor can easily get into the six figures for common terms when available. In comparison, sold for $565,000 in September of 2019. With the size and strength of Andrew Rosener’s portfolio, I doubt he let this name sell cheaply.
Lettuce Entertain You operates restaurants across the country, with a focus on the Chicago market. The Lettuce website touts over 130 restaurant locations with more than 60 restaurants in its portfolio. With the growth of this restaurant group, it is conceivable we may learn the acquisition price of in a future SEC filing. For now, it will go down as a great upgrade for the business that will stay under the radar.
funny company name and I guess “lettuce” sounds like “let us” and the domain was represented by a good sales person with a good sales pitch or they have plans to rebrand. time will tell.
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