Wed. Dec 8th, 2021 announced a partnership with Media Options that will allow Dan sellers to work with Media Options to negotiate a deal on their behalf. The news was sent to customers this morning, and a press release with details about the partnership was published this morning.
Sellers on can now hand off their domain name sales negotiation to Media Options within their transaction window. I looked at my account, and the enable button is available for me to click allowing Media Options to take over the negotiation. I can see this being beneficial to me on a high leverage negotiation or when I do not have the time to fully engage with a buyer. shared a short video showing how the process works and how people can utilize Media Options brokerage services for their negotiation:

I asked CEO Reza Sardeha for some more information about how this will work for sellers. When Media Options successfully negotiate a deal, the commission fee is 20%. Media Options has the ability to accept or reject a negotiation request. If they feel the price range set by the domain owner is too high, they can submit a counter proposal for the owner to consider or reject. Sellers who hand off leads to Media Options will not be able to see the negotiation transpire but will be kept up to date. Once a negotiation is assigned to Media Options, it is their lead. If the negotiation isn’t successful, the lead will be returned to the seller.
if you have any questions or need clarification on anything, reach out directly to to ask. You may post questions in the comments, too, if you would like. I understand the Terms and Conditions was updated and that likely has additional details about this.
It looks like there is a $5,000 minimum price requirement to use this service.
So what does Media Options bring to the table when there’s already a qualified lead!
Your smart enough to own a high end domain, savvy enough to list it on Dan, surely you know it’s value and if you don’t use the Media Options route a 20% buffer if you do get the price marginally wrong.
I’m sure there’s going to be a few advocates of this service, but if there’s such a difference in pricing and negotiations you should’nt be in the industry.
agree. but for those selling a domain for $5K or above (maybe a few with offers at the same time) and don’t feel like going back and forth or think that media option will defend the domain better, this may be worth it (handing off a further 11% commission).
All the brokerage cares is closing the sales regardless of the price and getting their money.
Their #1 interest is their own pocketbook .
Remember- domain is a unique product and cannot be replicated and dot com is KING
The Domain Sherpa podcast just did an interview with Media Options and Dan on this that I found pretty interesting. If it’s really 11% more than usual fee then it sounds like it may be worth considering them for high end domains where they can expand the buyers world view and help them see the value in a domain as well as introduce other levers that can be pulled to help make a deal if the buyer really believes in the business they are starting.
Receive the email, Great deal between Dan and Media Options is the best domain broker company for two continuous years by Escrow.
I do not think twice, 20% do not matter to me, there are others who are not domain broker who have this percentage and accept without complaints.
Bring in Media Options? Worse than a wast of time and money, because guess what: You’ve now handed off YOUR potential buyer to a company who’ll be only too happy to sell you one of their other client’s domains . . . or even worse (if it can get any worse) one of their own.
Why would you risk that?
Look. These brokers don’t have any magic pixie dust. If you’re smart enough to own domains that others are willing to buy from you (and list them on resale sites like Dan, GoDaddy, Afternic, Sedo, etc., you’re plenty smart enough to handle your own negotiations.
Plenty. Smart. Enough.
Right on the money!!!!!!!’!!!!!!!!!
Sorry: “to sell your buyer one of their …”
If they don’t disclose the real transactions-who the real buyers, Media Options could be the low baller buyer…
Give me a break media options doesn’t return calls unless you want to buy one of their domains.These guys don’t even want to talk about domains anymore.All roads lead to drew getting his company public and bailing.This deal with Dan ,was done on the fly and really no detains are out there,”they are gonna cherry pick your good names and ignore,look at godaddy sales people ,if they can’t grab the low hanging fruit bids just die ,no follow up.With these guys it’s gonna be worse. As soon as drew asked about payments at Dan ,this proves that he knows nothing about ,Dan is letting these guys in just when they are lifting off the runway,a real shame for them. Please Jonathan should pull his head out of dr*** A**
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