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Canceled Cheaper Surface Duo 2 Appears Online

The Surface Duo 2 was released in 2021, and while a successor is not on the way soon, it turns out that Microsoft was planning a cheaper model, which unfortunately has now been canceled. Microsoft’s Surface Duo line of dual-screen devices (they are not foldables) are not as popular as their foldable counterparts, but they have improved with each generation.

The first Surface Duo was released in 2020, and its arrival was met with disappointments, some of which included its outdated software, old chipset, single camera, and poor build, all for a whopping price tag of $1399. However, several of these mishaps were fixed when the Surface Duo 2 was released a year later.

The now-canceled device was listed on eBay before getting pulled down. However, the folks at Windows Central were able to get a few details, including images of the device. According to the source, the device is codenamed “Cronos” and was initially scheduled for release in 2022 as a more affordable version of the $1500 Surface Duo 2 launched in Sept. 2021. The images of the device show that Microsoft swapped the glass back of the Surface Duo 2 for plastic and equipped it with dual rear cameras. In contrast, the Surface Duo 2 has three rear cameras.


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