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Cities Skylines Citrix Workspace

If you’re looking for a great game, you should definitely download Cities: Skylines. This game’s engine is built on Unity, so it runs on your Windows PC using Citrix’s virtual GPU. Despite being free, the Citrix version is not compatible with Windows 10’s App Store due to a missing Citrix Casting driver. Alternatively, you can download the Windows 10 App Store version of the game and install it.


The hexadecimal code for the 0xB7AFEEE city scan is 00000000, 22f71458, ec2d8e30, and 00eff370, 006e006f, & oxb6e006f. These codes are all ‘zero’ and mean that the city scan is successful.


If you’re running Windows 10, and you’re experiencing the issue “Citrix Workspace can’t retrieve the shortcut description for subscribed apps”, it’s likely that Citrix is to blame. Citrix Workspace fails to launch a session if you try to sign out. When this happens, the application crashes and displays an error message. To resolve this issue, install the latest version of Citrix Workspace.


The Citrix Workspace app for Windows sometimes fails to launch a session, and you will get a black screen instead. The issue is due to Citrix failing to retrieve the shortcut description for subscribed applications. In this case, you must remove the older version of the software and all its settings. The only way to get around this issue is to delete everything manually.


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