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DigiCert SSL Certificates

The Benefits of Using DigiCert SSL Certificates For Your Website

There are many advantages of using a DigiCert SSL certificate for your website. This company is known for providing high-assurance digital certificates that help secure the privacy and integrity of your website. This company also provides a broad range of SSL certificate types for organizations. When choosing the right SSL certificate for your site, consider the encryption strength, browser compatibility, warranty amount, and price to ensure that you’re getting the most secure solution for your website.

DigiCert IoT certificates are quantum-proof

Today, 55% of manufacturers shirk responsibility for IoT security. The good news is that DigiCert can bridge this security gap, allowing connected devices to be secure even as they grow in complexity and age. Their IoT certificates are quantum-proof, and they are signed using a post-quantum, modern cryptography algorithm. These new certificates will secure the security of connected devices that may be in operation for decades.

DigiCert SSL certificates offer organization validation

Organization validation is essential for a secure online environment, and DigiCert SSL certificates can help you achieve this. DigiCert requires validation of both the organization and the domain name. Organization validation is essential in order to ensure that the certificate is issued to the correct entity. DigiCert requires validation of the domain name and the organization as well as authorization for the order. Having this validation allows the company to issue the certificate much faster.

DigiCert SSL certificates simplify SSL/TLS

With their wide array of secure and trusted certificate offerings, DigiCert is the global leader in security and encryption products. They simplify certificate management for website owners by delivering fast validation and fantastic support for installation, purchase, and renewal. Their SSL certificates make it easy for website owners to create a secure tunnel that encrypts transactions for peace of mind. Read on to learn more about the benefits of using a DigiCert SSL certificate on your website.

DigiCert SSL certificates are trusted by every possible browser

A certificate issued by a highly reputable certificate authority such as DigiCert is trusted by every major browser and operating system. The company also requires that all of its customers revalidate their SSL certificates to ensure continued security. All of its SSL certificates are valid for at least three years. Moreover, all DigiCert SSL certificates are backed by an unlimited number of digital signatures.

DigiCert SSL certificates are expensive

Although DigiCert SSL certificates are not cheap, they are an excellent security solution for a business website. Using DigiCert’s certificates will prevent hackers from accessing your website, as well as securing your communications between visitors and your website. In addition to providing encryption, DigiCert’s SSL certificates can improve your website’s reputation. The company’s SSL certificates come with a one-year warranty, but some products have a higher price tag.

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