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Zev Technologies – Innovations in Glock Handgun Mods

Zev Technologies – Innovations in Glock Handgun Mods

As the manufacturer of handgun components, Zev Technologies has expanded its customer base in recent years. Though its primary niche is the Glock handgun, it has also started to develop components for AR-style rifles. The company also collaborates with other gun manufacturers. Most recently, it announced a partnership with Ed Brown Products. The two companies will release a 1911-style pistol based on the Zev Dragonfly.

OZ9 pistol

The ZEV OZ9 pistol is a subcompact pistol that comes with a bronze-colored barrel and black slide. It is available in full size, compact, and sub-compact models. It is also available as a competition model and in a full-size duty model. This pistol has removable internal components and is made with 4140 steel blank.


ZEV Technologies’ triggers are an excellent choice for people who want to improve their shooting performance. They’re designed to improve accuracy and consistency and come with everything you need to install them. This includes springs, connectors, and a firing pin safety. They also come in a variety of configurations and styles.


Zev Technologies sights are designed to provide the shooter with maximum versatility and performance. They are constructed of high-quality steel and coated for protection. They are available in various heights and can be used with a variety of pistols. These sights are also compatible with red dot optics, which provide enhanced accuracy.


The ZEV Small Frame is an innovative design that is similar to the GLOCK 17 Gen5 but is 20% heavier. The frame is made of two parts – a steel chassis and a replaceable polymer grip. This allows you to customize the frame to your preferences.

Polymer grip

The Polymer grip from ZEV Technologies is a new innovation in pistol grip design. It is designed to be compact and easy to install. Installation requires removing the existing take-down pin and installing the new grip. The grip is equipped with a ZEV Gen4 Magazine Release.


Zev technologies have been providing aftermarket upgrades for Glock pistols for over 15 years. Their line of Z-series Glock 9mm mods has landed on many lists of the best custom Glocks. These guns are designed to provide the best shooting experience for any operator. Their products are known for their quality and dependability.


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