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Accent on Achievement Accompaniment Download

Accent on Achievement Accompaniment Download

Those looking for a band method will want to check out the Accent on Achievement Accompaniment Download. This method is designed for all skill levels, includes full color illustrations, and is easy to adapt to any style of music. It has all of the important characteristics that teachers are looking for in a band method, as well as being easy to use. Weigh your options carefully to make sure the Accent on Achievement Accompaniment Download is the best choice for your band.

Band method for all levels

The Accent on Achievement band method provides a comprehensive curriculum that teaches performance skills within a historical context. Its curriculum includes comprehensive review cycles, full-color pages, and chorales in all 12 major keys. Students can complete this book in less than a year. It also features a CD for accompanying learning with Coda Music Software. For more detailed information, contact the author. This band method is endorsed by Smart Music(c).

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Includes full-color illustrations

The Accent on Achievement accompanies every song with full-color illustrations throughout the text. The book meets or exceeds the USA National Standards for music education. It is suitable for students in grades five through eight. The books feature a streamlined color coding system that highlights and shades new items in music. This helps students establish a visual connection between what they are learning and how to apply it. The books also follow a standard color scheme. New notes and key signatures are always shaded yellow or green, while all other new items are shaded in blue, purple, or red.

Students benefit from a thorough review of previous materials in Accent on Achievement. This book provides a seamless transition from Book 1 to Book 2. It introduces students to 26 classical composers and 41 folk songs. It also includes duets and chorales, rhythm exercises, theory work, and scale exercises. It is highly recommended for high school students and meets or exceeds the USA National Standards for music education.


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