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Safe Building Compliance and Technology v Michelle Bernholtz

In this article, I will discuss a case in which a woman was terminated without good-cause reason attributable to her employer. This case highlights an unethical severance agreement drafted by an attorney in Iowa. I hope you will find this case as interesting and helpful as I did. Here is what you need to know about the case.

Leaving her job without a good-cause reason attributable to the employer v. michelle bernholtz iowa legal

In the case of Safe Building Compliance and Technology v. Michelle Bernholtz, the plaintiff sued the defendant for unethical behavior. The plaintiff claimed the attorney had been hired to audit the company, and not to negotiate a severance agreement. Moreover, the attorney allegedly used company funds for personal reasons, including spending money on herself and her family.

iowa attorney acted unethically in a severance agreement v. michelle bernholtz

Bernholtz alleges that an attorney in Iowa acted unethically in a renegotiated severance agreement for his client in safe building compliance and technology. The lawsuit alleges that the attorney misrepresented his client’s needs and signed a severance agreement based on inflated costs, a violation of Iowa’s Rules of Professional Conduct. The attorney was hired to audit the company’s financial records, not to sign a severance agreement.

iowa attorney acted unethically in a severance agreement

Bernholtz claims that an attorney she hired for an audit acted unethically in a wrongful severance agreement. The attorney acted unethically by requesting information from the company’s accountants to help her negotiate a severance agreement. The accountants said Bernholtz misrepresented the financial condition of her business.


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