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ExpressPay Review – 3 Top Features to Look For in ExpressPay Software AT

ExpressPay is a payment gateway provider and eCommerce market place that allows
businesses to accept payments online in real time. It works with all major telcos including
Surfline internet, Vodafone broadband, DSTv, GOtv, and Virgin Media. Other segments where
expressPay is effective include hotels and schools. Here are some of the top features to look
for in expressPay software. We recommend using this payment gateway if you want to accept
payments in real time.
Easy to use
If you’re an eCommerce merchant looking to accept payments, expressPay may be the solution
for you. Its payment gateway service allows you to accept payments online from most major
payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard, mobile money, DSTv, Tigo Cash, and Vodafone
Cash. And because it works with all the major telcos, including MTN mobile money, you can
accept payments instantly and securely. Plus, it’s PCI DSS certified, so your customers’ details
are secure.
Express Pay has made it possible to accept payments from all over the world, regardless of
location. The app allows customers to make one-time and recurring payments from almost any
bank account. You’ll need to enter your account number, as well as debit and credit card
information. The software will direct you to a page where you can enter the information you
need. The page will also tell you how to complete payment forms, as well as how to use the
End-to-end agency banking
Agency banking is growing rapidly in Nigeria, with top banks adding millions of new customers
through agents and transaction volumes more than doubling over the past year. In fact, the
recent increase in agency transactions has lifted the percentage of adult Nigerians with an
account to more than 45 per cent, and it is expected to reach nearly 50 per cent by 2020.
However, even with the rapid growth in agency banking, the country is still far away from
achieving the National Financial Inclusion Strategy’s target of 70 percent financial inclusion by
SmartPesa is a leading payment technology and agency banking provider. The company
partnered with Nigerian e-commerce company NetPlusDotCom to introduce its cutting-edge
payment gateway. In addition, SmartPesa also collaborated with leading point-of-sale terminal
provider BBPOS to introduce end-to-end agency banking solutions in the country. With these
innovative solutions, businesses can improve their customers’ payment experiences, simplify
transaction processing and generate detailed reconciliation reports.
ExpressPay has also introduced smart Point of Sale devices, which accept Visa and
MasterCard as well as mobile money. They also accept contactless payments and QR codes.
These new devices extend the expressPay app by facilitating bill payments and airtime
transfers. By integrating this technology with expressPay’s mobile app, agencies can
streamline their business operations and provide a seamless end-to-end service. Its smart
POS devices are compatible with many other payment methods, including NFC and RFID.
The software allows banks to build agency networks faster than ever before. End-to-end
agency banking is now possible in less than one month, with minimal operational and
development costs. And with its new managed service, banks can create agency banking for
their own clients and set their own prices, thereby avoiding operational and development
costs. There is no need for large agencies to hire developers and implement a complex system
on their own.

Real-time access to transactional records
The latest addition to expressPay’s software portfolio is the smart Point of Sale (POS) device.
This device has reporting capabilities built right in, allowing you to access transactional

records in real-time. It can be customized to include loyalty and reward programs and end-to-
end agency banking. All transactions are backed by a comprehensive database and can be

accessed with real-time data.
BC Express Pay is a payment gateway that manages online credit card payments for
government and corporate e-commerce transactions. Its robust features include automatic
data capture, account reconciliation, refund processing, and integration with your revenue
management system. In addition to meeting Payment Card Industry standards, BC Express

Pay incorporates firewalls and stringent internal access controls. It supports 24 hour e-
commerce payments and provides real-time reports from the financial institution or banking

and cash management branch. In addition, it offers guidance to reconcile transactions with the
payment processor.
With real-time authorizations, businesses can streamline their checkout processes and
increase customer satisfaction. With full access to transactional records, sales teams can work
more efficiently and achieve greater revenue with less effort. Plus, with real-time
authorizations, you can easily see the status of a transaction and what the payment details
were. Moreover, you can track a transaction’s progress in real time and receive complete bank
Getting real-time access to transactional records can help you diagnose performance problems
and improve operational processes. Moreover, real-time transactional data allows you to
analyze buyer behavior and product adoption. The insights you gain can help you offer better
customer experiences and boost your business’ profitability. All of these benefits make
expresspay software a valuable investment for your business. There are no excuses not to
take advantage of this technology.
Real-time settlement details
One of the greatest benefits of real-time settlement is the elimination of day-two processes. In
the past, organizations have to pay for processing day-two details, which can add a significant
cost to a company. However, new expresspay software enables real-time settlement. A
company can use the new software to process payments in real-time and avoid any day-two
processes. The following are three reasons why companies should use real-time settlement:
RTP is the most advanced form of online payment. It enables companies to accept credit cards
and other forms of payment securely. It is mandated by all core government programs and is
available to the broader public sector through the Corporate Supply Arrangement. With
Expresspay, users will experience simple processes to reconcile accounts, manage
settlements, process pre-authorizations and returns, and access real-time reports through a
banking and cash management branch.
Rewards for customers
If you’re interested in a credit card that offers cash back, you’ve probably already noticed that
Discover offers a 1% rebate on all purchases. Most companies offer a different percentage
rebate, so you have to use another yardstick to compare them. In general, the rule is to think
of the value of the reward as a percentage of your spending. Then you can weigh the value of
cash back against other options.
While the business press has long mocked customer rewards, this concept is still alive and
well today. From airlines offering frequent flier deals to telecommunication companies lowering
their fees to attract more volume, organizations spend millions of dollars developing customer
reward programs. In fact, one company has made millions by developing a loyalty program that
rewards its customers for their loyalty. But what are customer rewards and how do they work?
Here are some examples:


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