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NBA 2K22 Error Code 727e66ac: How to Fix, Server Status & more – RealSport101

Network errors put a dampener the on seaside fun
NBA 2K22 players on current gen unfortunately continue to face Error Code 727e66ac as they’re trying to enjoy the game.
With many seeing it happen as events land through Cancha Del Mar, we’ve got details on what NBA2K2 Error Code 727e66ac means, current server status, and how you can fix it.
It looks like this may become a frustratingly consistent problem, as NBA 2K22 users are once again struggling with Error Code 727e66ac.
As of 11:30am ET on October 26, 2021, the NBA 2K servers are officially still showing status as “Normal” and listed as “Up And Running.”
2K has yet to comment on the issue, but you can follow some of our suggestions below to see if that remedies the problem.
Current gen users are likely familiar with Error Code 727e66ac as it’s plagued them before. Since then NBA 2K22 has “addressed” the issue, but it looks as if the fix wasn’t permanent.
Treasure Island, the current location that the Cancha Del Mar has stopped at is currently running an event. Sadly, players can’t access it due to the server error that most are experiencing.
The strange part is that players being hit with this error code have noticed that the NBA 2K22 servers are usually “up and running” per www.NBA2K.com/status.
As of right now, the 2K Support team hasn’t made a statement regarding this server bug. However, unless they want players to walk the plank right off of the Cancha Del Mar, they’ll need to fix this issue.
The last time this happened we had a sort of workaround for players, it involved using the Gatorade Elevator or joining through a friends game (if they’re at Treasure Island).
However, this time we think you should first establish that your connection to NBA 2K22 is solid. You can do this by testing your internet connection and reconnecting if it isn’t very good.
If your connection is fine, the last the that we can suggest is rebooting the game and checking for updates. Until an official patch is released for the error code, these are your best bets to fix your connection to the NBA 2K22 servers.


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