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PCAS: What is it and how does it work?

Would you agree that healthcare is a technology-dependent field? Well, it wasn’t before, but now it is. The current healthcare system can’t operate even a day without technology. This blog addresses the technological need of radiologists. You must agree that radiology is another name of technology. How about exploring PCAS in 3 minutes? Feeling excited? Scroll down!

Picture Archiving and Communication System (PCAS)

What does a radiologist need? Images? This is what PCAS offers. But it is more valuable than you can think of. Once a radiologist scans the subject, PCAS stores and transmits data for later use. Professionals can easily access medical imaging information.

It is a digital approach to help decrease the burden on healthcare administrators. No one prefers carrying or managing a bunch of junk files. Instead, a digital approach is appreciated. You should remember that such technologies are favorable as long as you are using them in the right way.

How does it work?

The process is simple – your body part was scanned, and images were collected and transmitted. Where was PCAS in this process? It plays its role after images are obtained. It acts as a bridge between the image capturing and the transmission phase. By the help of this system, healthcare professionals can conduct internal or external sharing of images.

You may perceive it like you perceive a cloud-based platform (e.g. Google drive, etc). Here, the PACS is the disc storage platform and allows remote access to data (images & reports). But how does this happen? The credit goes to DICOM – a universally accepted format for the working of PCAS. It allows RIS and other systems to connect with transfer information to systems at institutes (particularly healthcare). Through this, the process of retrieving and distributing images becomes easier and faster. PCAS plays a major role in this. In other words, it overcomes the barriers (physical and time) parallel to traditional methods.

Take Away!

If you think that healthcare technologies are expensive, then you are right. THEY ARE! But the benefits outweigh the costs. It may take time to gather funds for this technology investment but it will save you hours and efforts in the radiology lab. Is the budget bothering you again? Go and search for the inexpensive cloud-based PACS system in the market, you will find it. It is advised to buy quality PCAS software. If you have questions relati


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