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Vehicle Technology Installations

Which Vehicle Technology
Installations Are Right For Your Car?

If you’ve ever wondered what vehicle technology companies are behind driver assistance
systems in cars, you’re not alone. Among the most prominent companies are the Handsfree
Group, Telent, Harman, and JBL. But how do you know if they’re the best choice for your car?
If you’re not sure, read on to learn more about the different vehicle technology options
available to you. Whether you want to prevent accidents, improve safety, or simply relax while
driving, these systems can be a great help.
Handsfree Group
The Handsfree Group is a leading supplier of blue light technologies and communications
solutions for commercial vehicles and other fleets. The company is a strategic installation
partner for the Handsfree Group. It has signed a contract with the UK Home Office to replace
TETRA Airwave and install 40,000 FVDs. Over time, other users of the technology will include
utility services and local authorities. The installation partners have developed a unique
website that provides all the information needed for a successful installation.
The Handsfree Group is a global company with operations in the UK and US. Its global
presence allows it to offer tailored vehicle communication, security, and safety solutions for its
clients. The company has worked with leading global organizations and cutting-edge SME’s for
over a decade. With its wealth of experience, it’s not surprising that it’s now expanding its
offering online. With its new website, the Handsfree Group is making it easier than ever to
make the best use of their vehicle technology.
A leading provider of communication solutions for emergency services, Telent has successfully
completed a number of communications upgrade programmes for fleets of fire appliances
across the UK. Telent has successfully installed TETRA mobile radio, as well as voice and
data communications in over 4,900 appliances across the country, including the London
Ambulance Service and multiple fire services. In addition to this, the company supports voice
communications in every fire appliance in the UK, through its FireLink programme.
In addition to vehicle connectivity, Telent will also be installing specially programmed

ruggedized Windows tablets and a smart vehicle router. This new solution will enable in-
vehicle communication as well as enable the National Mobilisation Application to connect

control rooms with ambulances. In addition, Telent will offer migration support during the
installation programme. This approach has been successful with similar projects, increasing
the availability of emergency vehicles. Telent is a reputable partner of emergency services,
and its team has the necessary expertise and skills to ensure a successful installation.
In addition to emergency services, Telent has extensive experience of designing and installing
connectivity equipment for these vehicles. It is actively testing the new Emergency Services
Network coverage and supporting emergency service vehicles. Telent has an extensive
portfolio of vehicle connectivity equipment. Telent engineers are FITAS accredited and have
undergone security clearance. Telent engineers are ready to provide comprehensive support
for a number of emergency services projects. In addition to vehicle connectivity, Telent also
provides coverage testing services.
The use of 5G in Harman vehicle technology installations will help the vehicles drive
themselves without a physical computer. This technology is based on 5G network and
semiconductor technologies from Samsung, which has received the approval of the Federal
Communications Commission (FCC) for 5G telecommunication equipment. It will allow vehicles
to transmit information in real time to the cloud using its high-performance computers. The
data will be processed by the cloud’s edge computer, which will be connected to the vehicle’s

HARMAN’s augmented reality head-up instrument cluster will project driver information and
ADAS warnings to the windshield. These warnings are based on real-time data collected by
sensors in the car. The company has also announced two new audio products. Those include
the Ready Together platform, which uses advanced acoustic technology to create a “mixed
reality” screen in the windshield. Through this feature, critical driver information such as
speed, location, and other data can be displayed on each occupant’s windshield.
ADAS has several major components. ADAS requires that the vehicle has a monitoring system,
which is why Harman has partnered with Samsung Electronics to develop a driver monitoring
solution. This is a sensor fusion solution that merges data from various sources such as
cameras, LIDAR, and the cloud to display ADAS-related information to the driver. Harman has
developed a camera monitoring system for the front and rear of the vehicle. Another feature is
sensor fusion, which is a process that allows a vehicle to integrate with long-range radar.
You can enjoy superior sound quality in your car with JBL’s advanced vehicle technology
installations. The company’s JBL LINK Drive device incorporates voice control technology to
give you better audio quality while driving. Its dual noise cancelling microphones minimize
driving noise that can interfere with voice commands using a standard phone. Radio Barging
technology works with this feature by allowing you to listen to your radio while using your
hands-free device. If you make a voice command, the radio will mute and resume playing
content. This allows you to have a hands-free conversation without having to turn down the
The JBL MS-8 can be installed between a car’s stock stereo and speakers. It accepts input
from up to eight discrete audio channels. JBL’s technology analyzes the audio setup and
acoustics before applying equalization and time correction magic to optimize sound for a
specific vehicle. You can fine tune the sound with the wireless controller provided with the
unit. To install the JBL MS-8, you must remove the old system.
Toyota vehicles have been fitted with the JBL audio sound system. JBL vehicles have different
designs of speakers and are placed in specific positions. They are placed so that they match
the interior design. The sound quality is impressive at low and high volumes, which is why DJs
prefer JBL speakers. The JBL sound system is incredibly durable and will last for many years.
You won’t believe the difference in sound quality between JBL and other brands of speakers.
To enhance driver safety and help cars avoid accidents, vehicles with Mobileye vehicle
technology are increasingly becoming more advanced. The company provides collision
avoidance technology to leading automakers such as Ford, Audi, and Nissan. Its AI-powered
fleet safety solution, the Mobileyedeg 8 Connect, can retrofit existing vehicles with the
technology. It is developed by the same team that created Mobileye’s collision avoidance
technology. Ultimately, these new technologies help cars be safer and more efficient.
Cameras are essential for automated systems to reach human-level perception. To do so,
cameras need 360-degree coverage and can extract a huge amount of information. Cameras
are the backbone of an automotive sensing suite, and Mobileye has been investing in camera
sensor development for two decades. While most manufacturers of self-driving vehicles have
cameras with a 360-degree coverage, these cameras are not yet ready for full autonomous
Today, Mobileye is working on computer vision-based perception systems that act like extra
eyes on the road. These cameras constantly monitor the surroundings, and look out for other
vehicles and road users. They also support advanced features such as automated emergency
braking and level 2 and 3 autonomous driving. Its latest technology allows drivers to enjoy the
freedom of driving without the risk of human error. This technology is only possible when
drivers trust the technology and use it responsibly.
INTEGRITY Security Services

The company INTEGRITY Security Services provides home security systems in Norman,
Oklahoma. Integrity Security Services offers 24/7 surveillance that records three to five days
of HD video. They also offer alarm systems with sensors and motion detectors, smart home
automation, structured wiring, whole-home audio, and home theater design. INTEGRITY
Security Services is dedicated to ensuring that all vehicles can reliably exchange messages.
To learn more about how INTEGRITY Security Services can secure your home, please contact
us today.
INTEGRITY Security Services provides embedded security solutions and infrastructure
solutions that protect connected devices from cyber attacks. In addition to protecting smart
devices, they install and manage vehicle technology. Their comprehensive portfolio of
automotive electronics includes forward-looking technology for secure IoT devices. Cyber
Secure Car Japan is a conference being held at Kogakuin University in Tokyo. They will
demonstrate their latest security solutions and demonstrate how they protect digital trust
assets throughout the supply chain.


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