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How Many Jobs are Available in Consumer

How Many Jobs Are Available in Consumer Durables?

This industry is still not exploited to its full potential. There are several career paths in this field and a median income of $132,290 is common for sales managers. Listed below are some of the best jobs available in the industry. You may be interested in one of the following:

Job requirements

There are several different types of jobs in the consumer durables industry. Administrative assistants are responsible for supporting top workers, including executives, and can earn handsome salaries. Administrative assistants must possess excellent interpersonal and verbal skills, as they disseminate information, arrange meetings, and answer phones. Media planners earn a whopping $79,748 a year. The consumer durables industry offers a variety of job opportunities, and a degree in business or marketing is recommended for this job.

Business analysts link corporate strategy with consumer needs to create a product that meets both the needs and the requirements of the target audience. They must be able to manage incoming queries and develop strong client relationships. Ultimately, the job of an inside sales representative in consumer durables is one of the highest-paid jobs in the industry. The responsibilities and salary of an inside sales representative in this field are varied, but they require the same skills as their counterparts in other industries.

Some Consumer Durables companies offer interns full-time positions. Interns develop initial sales proposals and work under a senior manager. They also manage all aspects of the sales cycle, from initial client contact to closing sales. The internship’s job description will depend on the type of consumer durables internship that the intern chooses. For example, an intern may work for a brand of appliances, or they could work for a consumer durables company as an assistant.

An internship at a consumer non-durables company can be rewarding. Many consumer durables companies have excellent internship programs. For example, Unilever has a five-month, paid internship program. Interns can then move on to a full-time role within the company or progress to a multinational. An internship in a consumer durables company is an excellent opportunity for recent graduates, and can be an important step in a fulfilling career.

Job descriptions

A job description in consumer durables involves a variety of tasks. For example, product managers have enormous responsibilities, including generating leads, satisfying consumer needs, and closing deals. They may also be responsible for developing the marketing strategy of a company, identifying current challenges, and making recommendations to help the company meet its objectives and goals. Regardless of the specific job description, this line of work pays well. The following are some common job descriptions within this sector.

Consumer durables include all types of products that are made to last a long time. In fact, the industry’s growth has been closely correlated to the health of the economy. One of the most well-paid positions in consumer durables is senior executive. In this position, you’d oversee all aspects of a company’s sales cycle and implement decisions that drive the company’s growth. You’d work under a senior executive, who is regarded as the company’s leader and implements decisions that lead to increased sales and profits.

While there are several different types of jobs in this field, many of them involve design, development, marketing, or sales. Whether your skills are in product development, sales, or marketing, there’s sure to be a consumer durables job that suits you. This field provides a diverse range of employment options for workers with any skill set, and many of them aren’t associated with money. Job descriptions in consumer durables may be ideal for those who want to combine their passion for design with a career in consumer products.

The term “consumer durables” refers to products that have a shelf life of three years or more. Products that fall under this category include cars, computers, televisions, clothes, jewelry, and even vehicles. A high school diploma is generally required, but some jobs require additional training. Those who want to work in this field should be willing to take the time to learn about its ins and outs. This sector is a great place for those with skills and desire to make a difference in the lives of people all over the world.


A career in the consumer durables industry can be extremely rewarding. Although the sector is not yet fully exploited, there are many job opportunities available. Sales managers make around $132,290 a year, making them one of the highest paying jobs in the industry. Below is an overview of some of the key salary areas in the consumer durables industry. To learn more about how to break into the industry, read on!

As a senior manager in the consumer durables industry, you will be responsible for managing a group of employees. Ideally, you have experience in product development, marketing, and sales. In this role, you’ll be responsible for the company’s overall success and contribute to its objectives. You’ll lead projects and manage staff, overseeing the creation of new products and marketing them. You’ll also be responsible for developing the company’s product roadmaps, evaluating new products, and planning the launch of new brands.

As a senior manager, you’ll oversee the entire company’s marketing, sales, and customer-service departments. You’ll be responsible for developing marketing strategies and identifying opportunities for growth in the market. You’ll be responsible for hiring and training employees who will ensure a successful product launch. For a higher salary, you should consider becoming a product manager. A salary range of $80,000 to $110,000 is common for product managers. Besides that, you can also work as a collection associate, which will involve negotiating with debtors. A job description of a collection associate may not require a college degree but you should possess excellent communication and bargaining skills.

The salary range in the consumer durables industry is also higher than in other sectors. The demand for skilled workers in the sector is high, and you can enjoy a highly rewarding career with a flexible schedule. You can work in any of the many areas of consumer durables, or you can choose to specialize in a specific area. For example, you can choose to become a textile technician, or a designer of home décor.


If you’re wondering how many jobs are available in the consumer durables industry, you’re not alone. There are plenty of job options in this field, including management positions such as chief executive officer and product manager. As the top dog in an organization, chief executives plan the company’s operations, oversee the company’s finances, and generally oversee all aspects of the business. They also work closely with the Board of Directors.

Most durables companies are hiring from within their own organizations, but career avenues like Career Avenues work to recruit talent from outside the industry. These companies seek lateral entrants who have experience in FMCG or telecom. This makes it a great career choice for those looking to balance their time between both careers. And the pay is competitive. The best jobs in consumer durables are in product management. Here are some tips for those looking for a position.

The consumer durables industry employs millions of people and supports a $2 trillion economy. There are many different types of jobs in this field, ranging from designing and developing products to marketing and sales. Jobs in consumer durables can be ideal for those with any type of skills, and they aren’t necessarily all related to money. Consumer durables are used in urban and semi-urban areas, and include such things as fans, appliances, and electronic devices.

There are also a number of consumer non-durables jobs that are well-suited for recent college graduates. However, this industry is notorious for its high-paying internship programs and internships. Companies such as Unilever and Procter & Gamble offer unique training programs for recent grads, and boast the fact that 11% of their current C-suite leaders started their careers with them.


How many jobs are there in the consumer durables industry? There are many types of consumer durables companies. Some are renowned for their long-standing tradition in business, while others are just starting out. In either case, the consumer durables industry is a wide-ranging industry that offers a diverse range of products and services. Coca-Cola, for example, is the second largest non-durables company in the world. The company produces soft drinks and is the world’s most popular brand.

Although most of the consumer durables industry employers hire from within, some recruit from outside the industry. Career Avenues, for example, targets lateral entrants from industries other than consumer durables. A career in consumer durables is as high-profile as one in FMCG. And, if you have an MBA in business, it’s likely that a career in consumer durables will be just as rewarding.

The consumer durables industry is highly profitable and rewarding. While many companies may see this as a low-paying field, the demand for workers in this industry is high. Whether you want to work with an established company or a start-up company, the consumer durables industry will always have a need for skilled workers. And luckily, you can find a lot of jobs in this industry if you know where to look.

The consumer non-durables industry is also full of great opportunities. Unilever, for example, runs an internship program for five to six months. This program lasts for 32 hours a week and is pay-per-hour. The internship is a great way to get hired into a global company. However, it’s essential to be knowledgeable about the consumer durables industry job market before entering the field.


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