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SEO: Improve website ranking and indexing

SEO: Improve website ranking and indexing

Whether you are a blogger, a YouTuber, or a digital marketer, you should know about SEO. All online platforms including social platforms, YT, Google, Bing, and others, are depending on SEO to list your content. It is not a difficult thing to learn. You may practice without any expert guidance. This blog explains how to start with SEO for attracting traffic to the website.

Organic traffic versus Purchased traffic

Organic traffic consists of users who reach the website by organic search. While purchased users are obtained through 3rd party platforms. Moreover, on submitting a search query to the browser, you get some mixed results. Purchased listings and organic listings are 2 types of results you notice. For paid listings, you may see the tag “Ad” and they all appear before the organic listings. When you click on the purchased listing, google gets money from the advertiser. While if you click on an organic listing, the site owner won’t have to pay.

In many cases, paid searches bring you great benefits but organic searching ROI favors SEO investment. To understand it better, consider that when you pay for an advertisement you may have boosted traffic for some time but not be effective in the long run. Paid searches can be profitable for business websites but they are not effective for blogging sites in the future. On the other hand, if you do SEO of your website and improve your ranking in the organic search it will keep working forever. SEO is done once and results are continuous, while you have to pay every time you need to post an advertisement. It is the basic reason why it is profitable to learn SEO strategies.

What are the types of SEO strategies?

There are 2 basic types of strategies that further branch into multiple SEO techniques.

1.   White-SEO

Using recommended strategies and user-oriented techniques for website optimization is what is referred to as white-hat SEO. It may include uploading unique purposeful content, boosting page speed, and natural use of keywords.

2.   Black-hat SEO

It involves using disapproved and spam techniques for website optimization. These include buying backlinks, posting copied content, or misuse of keywords via hidden text.

For successful SEO-based organic traffic, white-hat SEO is recommended. Black-hat SEO may offer fast result delivery and it results in punishment (de-indexing of the site).

Take Away!

As you believe in the worth of SEO for a website, you should immediately start working on it. LinkLifting is a good platform to help clients needing SEO for their websites.


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